Hard To Find Grandmother

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" A good man is hard to find" is a short story written by Flannery O'Connor. The main character of this story is the Grandmother. She is a very blunt old women that speaks her mind. She decided she wanted to go on road trip to Florida with her son Bailey, his wife and their two children. In this story Bailey plays a man that loves family and his mother but her behavior seems to bother him the most. His wife is actually the only one injured in this story but plays the mother of three children. The three children are eight year old John Wesley who is a loud obnoxious kid, and June Star who seems to be the same as her brother and last the baby. First, they arrive at Red Sammy Butts restaurant and that’s when the topic of the escaped criminals came up. Sammy was explaining that they had come to his gas station to get gas and they didn’t bother to pay. His wife was also concerned that they would come back to steal from them. Grandmother would tell Sammy he's a good man and they all enjoyed the rest of the visit.…show more content…
The whole road trip she was hiding her cat by her feet so as there driving down this rocky dirt road the cat jumps out onto Baileys shoulder causing him to crash. That's when the Mother breaks her shoulder , but everyone else seems to be okay. Before they know it there was a car driving towards them and the car stops, three men get out and start walking towards them. The Grandmother swears she recognizes the men but she wasn’t sure where. When she finally realized who they were she screamed and informed Bailey of who they were, and they were the three escaped criminals. Bailey had tried to stop his mother from provoking the three criminals but he was
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