The Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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One of the most flourishing times in history is known as the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution occurred around the mid 1700s to around the beginning of the 1900s in England. This was a time of invention and production. The Industrial Revolution also was the start of many businesses who contributed to this time’s great feats. This is a controversial time in history because people nowadays argue whether or not it was beneficial. The Industrial Revolution was positive because of more jobs, new inventions, and better transportation. First, the Industrial Revolution was positive because of more jobs. From this time, there were so many new job openings that children were even allowed to work. They were given jobs that allowed them to work seven days a week and nineteen hours a day. Before they were able to work, they, “...had no choice but to sit at home all day, playing with their younger siblings, just watching as another empty, unproductive week passed them by” (“Industrial Revolution Provides Millions Of Out-Of-Work Children With Jobs”). This proves that these new jobs even allowed children to work and earn money at a young age to help their family out. This experience for the children has also enabled the…show more content…
Many inventions of this time allowed the automobile named Model T to be created. This wonder of an invention was created by Henry Ford. He was one of the first people to make, “...the first car to be affordable for a majority of Americans. For the first time car ownership became a reality for average American workers, not just the wealthy” (“Model T”). He was able to make the price of the car so low because he invented an assembly line to make this automobile in the masses quickly. Almost everyone during this time had Model T because it was so affordable. From this, people were able to travel much faster than usual. This invention was one of the greatest of its
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