The Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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Learning from Mistakes Throughout the Industrial revolution, there were many disastrous consequences, but without learning from those consequences, good things would never have come out of this revolution and even though the number of negatives outweighs the positives, the revolution’s positives make the most difference compared to the negatives. I don’t believe in the statement: The Industrial Revolution had more negative effects on the world community than positive effects, because it isn’t about the number, it’s about the overall outcome, which was positive. Everything has to go through trial and error in order to perfect its way in our environment. Everything in life has to have problems which provides the opportunity to learn from the mistakes to create something…show more content…
They sent their sons to British schools, where they were trained for post sin the civil service and military. Indian landowners and princes, who still ruled their own territories, grew rich from exporting cash crops. The British also helped Ethiopia and Egypt modernize their army and their tactics which benefited those country. Overall, many countries went through many problems in order to be industrialized by imperialists. As everyone’s problems started being realized, the mistakes were seen and fixed which is why we don’t have as many of these problems today. Family life during the industrial revolution fell hard also. Most family members had to work, even children and women who had horrible working conditions during work in the mines. Children had to work to help their family due to financial reasons. Women had work at home and during work hours which put double the work on them. Both men, women, and children were getting injured and developing diseases from the new machines and work environments. Also, families had to live in small, dirty, damp houses without a sewage system which created filth everywhere including
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