Example Of Spying In Hamlet

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Throughout the play, a wide majority of characters portray the idea of spying. The characters illustrate deceitful assumptions and beliefs. They represent the idea of false morality and foolishness. Polonius, Claudius, Reynaldo, Guildenstern and Rosencrantz all have committed the intention of spying. The concept of spying plays a major factor in the play. There are distinct events in the play leading to the death of the relevant characters. Polonius instructs Reynaldo to spy on his son Laertes who is in Paris pursing his post-secondary education. In Act II Scene 1, “Marry, well said, very… Do you mark this Reynaldo?”,(II,I,15) illustrates Polonius’ command to Reynaldo to verify false information regarding his own son. He essentially wants to teach his son the significance of reputation. As a caring father, he wants his servant Reynaldo to monitor his son’s personal life and behaviour. His dad’s approach is to reveal the basic truth but it somehow reflects his evil intentions and acts.…show more content…
He prefers to hear that Hamlet is not in love with his daughter but typically, Cladius and him spy on Hamlet and Ophelila to ascertain the love between the two. Their initial plan is to go behind their backs so they can eavesdrop on the couple while they encounter each others presence. Opheilia’s dad is apprehensive regarding his daughters personal life. He doesn’t want to lose his daughter to a man who in the play clearly displays he is mentally unstable. His mannerism and foolish acts revealed a drastic outcome which is his
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