The Pros And Cons Of Terrorism

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Terrorism is a very scary issue that almost everyone all over the world is afraid of it.Extremists artificially manufactured, but not limited to civilian and civilian installations, are incompatible with international moral methods of attack. Since 1990, terrorist attacks have been a severe trend of rapid spread around the world.Terrorism can be made by a group such as ISI or Chechnya and also can be made by individuals such as Bin Laden.The criminals always measure to take suicide attacks to cause a lot of people die or hurt.The means used by extremists have evolved from the initial purely military strike to the appalling actions of kidnapping, killing civilians, suicide bombings, etc.The method of the terrorism has become more and more terrible and serious.Also social medias have payed more and more attention on it and people are getting more and more scared of terrorism.The case that I will write is a

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