The Pros And Cons Of Terrorism In Spain

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For many decades now, the Spanish government has had a major problem with terrorism and immigration. Within the last two decades, this threat has gotten worse. There has been much speculation with this issue, however, more recent evidence has been linked to more organized terrorism. Some fear that it is because of Muslim terrorists, while others believe that it has to do with a terrorist group who has been more active since Francisco Franco died in 1975 but have been around much longer than that. This paper will look at how the two terrorist organizations coexist and feed off each other and how the immigration system in Spain has helped or hindered the influx of terrorism. It will compare and contrast each organization and will look at the problems each group poses. One organization has been around for more than 30 years, while the other has been lurking in the shadows for centuries. There have been countless attacks on train stations, airports, and public spaces in Spain within the last 30 years. The Basque Rebels have detonated bombs and shot up market places because they want a large area of land that their people can claim as their own country (Tremlett, 2011). Their people have inhabited the areas in northern Spain and southern France…show more content…
There are also many immigration laws as well. These laws have strict control over certain particular aspects of life for immigrants. For instance, Spain’s Law 4/2000 says that public education will be available to immigrant children, regardless of whether or not the parents are legal permanent residents of Spain (Lindstrom, 2005). That is one positive law in favor of immigrants and their children. On the flip side, a negative law that suppresses the immigrants is Spain’s Law 8/2000. It says that illegal immigrants do not have the right to public assembly, striking, become part of a labor union, or anything that has to do with job related unions (Lindstrom,

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