The Pros And Cons Of Edward Snowden

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When it comes to government information and service projects the government’s knowledge of you is power over you. Surveillance from the government will sometimes catch a few criminals but it more often incriminates and imprisons people who are not guilty of anything. Government surveillance skyrocketed to a level it never needed to reach. With government projects like project prism the objectives are to obtain as much information as possible. Some of the things these projects do are aggregate U.S. citizens’ personal information like their ideologies, religious, and political views. Once the information is gathered it’s nearly guaranteed if used it will be used against you. In all instances where there was a large amount of data obtained on…show more content…
Information of US. citizens; every day Americans with no ties to illegal activity or terrorism. Civil rights advocates have argued for years that the government would use the Patriot Act to conduct such wholesale data collection. The government denied it. (Yahoo) As a planet we have seen this type of government surveillance before. In Germany, the USSR, Eastern Europe, but we are letting history repeat itself. We are allowing the government to amass an inordinant power. The NSA and the government consider these programs beneficial but the cons certainly outweigh the pros. While an enormous amount of Americans are outraged many are comfortable with the notion that since they don’t partake in illegal activity they are unaffected by data collection. But these arguments are thin because law changes every day. What is legal today can be illegal the tomorrow and vis versa. As a society we don’t really understand why surveillance is bad and why we should be wary of it. (Harvard Law…show more content…
If information the NSA harvested is used against someone there is little that can be done to fight back. In recent court cases it has been proven difficult for the accused to even prove the government gathered information at all! The main danger of these secret government agenices is that the operate outside and above U.S. law. With a huge amount of power in the hands of individuals working in the NSA a dangerous dynamic exists where misconduct, abuse of power, or coercion could easily abound. Even if Americans have trust for the president and the NSA to do the right thing the data that has been gathered will exist forever. And it is a databank of personal information about U.S. citizens with no ties to illegal activity. Clearly there is a direct breach in the Fourth Amendment with these implications. The personal information that the government obtained will be readily available to any of those in power in the future with any existing technology available. The NSA has already shared raw intelligence data and of course more sharing of civilians’ data can take place in the future. Recently the U.S. government sold data to Israel and British intelligence. All of these actions are under the guise of domestic and international security. Too much power has been put in the hands of individuals, which is always dangerous. Individuals have biases, personal feelings, grudges, and political ideologies. Should flawed

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