Patriot Act Pros And Cons

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The scary dreadful moments of September 11 involved and increase this governments responsibility to take drastic measures and preserve the lives of the people of United States. President Bush response to these attacks was the patriot act. The patriot act gave law enforcement in the united states the most promising and effective tool to combat the terrorist. The patriot act has been a great tool and weapon to fight against terrorist attacks. Some people say that the patriot act has broken the wall to protect us from law-enforcement using intelligence to spy on every day civilians but the government disagrees with that they say that they only use it to weed out terrorist. Police agencies and the government are given why discretionary power to acquire information from suspected terrorist groups. These examples are only few ways that law-enforcement get that information from suspected terrorist groups. Roving wiretap – The act permits the jurisdictional grant of one wiretap order that works or roves in multiple jurisdictions. Given the transiency of terrorist, and the difficulties of dealing with diverse jurisdiction.…show more content…
The law focusing on improving the counterterrorism efforts of intelligence and law enforcement agencies of the United States. It is relevant to mention that civil freedoms of the American people is not only valuable during wartime but also in the time of peace as such the Patriot Act preserve both. The critics, however are of the mind set that the Patriot Act is not successful in defending our country and does sustain the vital steadiness of protecting privacy or individual freedom as provided in the constitution and data required by the nation to counter terror activeness to be performed by law enforcement representation and, therefore efforts are needed to change the

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