The Pros And Cons Of Sexual Violence

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Sexual violence during armed conflict has been an area which has been increasingly drawing the attention of the international community in the recent times. From a backdrop of anonymity, owing to the acceptance that sexual violence is a natural and inevitable part of conflicts, this subject has gradually come to occupy centre stage in the wake of brutal, inhuman and appalling sexual assault incidents accompanying the contemporary conflicts, arousing worldwide condemnation. The constantly increasing numbers of the instances of sexual slavery, rape, mutilation, and other forms of sexual abuse during various contemporary conflicts have generated a global debate with regard to the protection available to the victims. Rape and other forms of sexual violence have been consistently resorted to in the past as deliberate strategies of war. The developments in the field of law to tackle with issues relating to gender-based violence have been considerable in the recent past. However, the lamentable state of affairs continues as gender-based violence, till date, remains consistently marginalized. “Gender-based violence” is essentially a form of discrimination and a violation of human rights. It is directed against a person on the…show more content…
The discourse on sexual violence has been so far, lopsided and falls short of presenting a holistic and comprehensive picture. The researcher, through this piece of work, will make an attempt to unravel the clandestine occurrences of sexual violence against men, while also addressing the concerns of women victims, who have historically formed the major part of victims, and continue to be systematically abused in conflict settings, so as to present the complete picture which may then be addressed in an inclusive

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