Descriptive Essay On An Island

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As I said this I looked around and saw that I was standing on a island, the layout of it makes it seem like something you would see in a postcard. Near the center of the island are 2 two trees that resembled palm trees and on these trees were a total of five coconut like objects. 3 were bigger than the common coconut being about as large as a basketball the color of them were pitch black, perfectly smooth exterior. The next one was about the same size as a normal coconut, also black but not smooth like the other 3, no this one was stranger than the last 3. It almost looked like someone held it with both hand on two end and started turning with untold strength, but instead of breaking or snapping it twisted. With some sides protruding slightly others greatly indented it looked unnatural. The last one was the most eye checking of them all, the smallest of them all only about the size of a lemon. From where it meant the steam it was a dark grey with almost a mesh of other shades of grey some brighter almost white and on the other side of the steam unlike the mesh of colors near the steam this had, but one color a black so deep that there would be no hope for any other color to trespass on its domain. Like the last one this…show more content…
I then took a look around the rest of the island. The sand of the island looked like plain old sand, so I looked beyond the sand to where I thought the ocean would be, but instead of water I saw nothing but blackness as far as I could see and in this blackness every now and then there would be a school of fish some are big schools others are small, some have nothing but a few huge fish and yet these few are the same size as the mass clusters of tiny fish but one thing was the same they were all swimming in patterns rotating around a single object an almost flower shaped object that was too far away to quite make

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