The Importance Of Comedy: The Universal Language

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Comedy: The Universal Language “Laughter is the best medicine” The chances are that you’ve heard this phrase a countless amount of times. The phrase originally comes from the biblical quote “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bones” which isn’t quite as catchy, but it gets the job done. There is a reason that a phrase as old as this one is still as prevalent, if not then more so, today. Comedy has frequently been referred to as the “Universal Language” simply for being able to connect people of wildly different backgrounds and ideals. Lately things have changed however, comedy seems to be dividing differing groups of people. This has lead for a need in the belief that comedy is meant to bring people to an understanding of one another, especially in times of division. It’s common knowledge that comedy…show more content…
This has been very prevalent in recent years with a drastic uprise in both offencive humor and a self righteous sense of social justice. Censorship has gone so far in recent months that it has lead to people losing their friends,jobs, their reputations, and much more. I’ve talked a lot about how comedy has changed, but have people become more or less easily offended by comedy? There has always been taboo subjects deemed too inappropriate to talk about and especially to joke about, whether it be death, tragedy, sex, personal issues, etc. People have always been offended by comedy, but with the drastic uprise in social media, the way people have expressed their opinions of offencive humor has changed to seem more prevalent. This begs the question: Where is “the line” in terms of comedy, if there even is one? The answer to these questions and others just like it is always boils down to the intent. You must have good intentions in your comedy and be able to express these intentions to your

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