Human Trafficking Violates Human Rights

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According to 2014 Trafficking in Person’s Report (TIP), 2460 persons were prosecuted but only half of the number was convicted in Eastern and Pacific Asia (“Malaysia Drops to Tier 3”). This report illustrates how vast the number of perpetrators are still lurking in our community where they should already be convicted for their human trafficking activities. Human trafficking is a heinous crime as it violates human rights because the victims are denied the right to live, tortured and enslaved. Human trafficking violates human rights because the victims are denied their right to life. The basic of the right to life is the duty of providing a proper security in which people feel safe in their lives and in their houses. They also feel secure to…show more content…
One type of slavery that is common among the trafficked victims is sexual slavery. This kind of slavery forces the victims to serve in the illegal sex trades. These victims are normally women and underage children. The perpetrators will do a sex trade with their clients. The clients will negotiate the price with them in order to get the sex service. Once an agreement is achieved, the customers get the victims and are allowed to do whatever they want with the victims such as raping the victims. The sex trade does not happen once but the victims have to give about five to seven sex services per night just to profit the perpetrators (Acharya 15). Another type of slavery is labour slavery. This kind of slavery refers to the labourers who work for long hours with minimum wages. This is due to the debt bondage of the victims that is remarkably high due to interest rate set by the traffickers. Instances of their jobs are construction workers and forced beggars. The victims have no options but to conform to the traffickers’order to pay back their debts (Stanslas 599). Thus, slavery is the reason why human trafficking violates the human rights. In conclusion, human trafficking is a violation of human rights because the victims have no right to life, are tortured and are enslaved. As shown in the TIP report, it is not impossible that our family member could be the next victim of the trafficker. Hence, ways to curb this issue have to be executed immediately in order to slow down the activities of perpetrators. For instance, the government should enforce the law and fund the non-governmental organizations. By doing these, Malaysia can reduce human trafficking activities and improve its ranking in the Trafficking in Person

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