Essay On Wave Energy

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The world has been enjoying the benefits of energy sources, mostly fossil fuels. But what happens when we run out of this energy source that we use now? There are a few types of alternative energy sources in the world, and one of the newest renewable alternative energy sources is wave energy. How well do people know about wave energy? People often confuse wave energy with tidal energy. Although these two alternative energy sources are similar in a few ways, for instance tidal and wave energy are two types of natural phenomena that occurs on water and are similar in nature; thus, confusing a lot of people of the same thing. Though, both of these are related to bodies of water, such as oceans and seas, they are actually different from each other. The difference from each other by tides are the rise and fall of sea level that is caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and the sun on the Earth. Waves are actually energy that moves across the surface of the water. With the energy costs of alternative sources increasing and the…show more content…
Wave power refers to the energy of ocean surface waves. By capturing of that energy, it will be converted into useful, clean and green electricity, because the waves used are a source of clean, natural and renewable energy. But, as clean as wave energy is, it still creates a few hazards for some of the marine creatures near it and just the whole marine ecosystem. With the machines placed near and in the water to gather energy from the waves. These machines disturb the seafloor, which changes the habitat of creatures near that area, for example like crabs and starfish, they create noises that disturbs the sea life around them. Not only that but theres also a hazard of toxic chemicals that are used on wave energy farms, they have a probability of spilling and polluting the water near
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