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Medical Imaging has been around for more than 30 years and it is already advancing in its field. The way it’s advancing is pretty mind-blowing considering all the things it achieves. There are 8 medical imaging methods that have astounded the world, yet we shrug it off whenever they’re mentioned. X-rays are probably the world’s most known medical imaging technology. It’s been seen in movies, T.V, mentioned in books, and comics, but no one really knows much about it. X-rays are electromagnetic radiation which penetrate structures within the body and create images of these structures on photographic film or on an incandescent screen. X-rays are useful in detecting abnormalities in the body. They help diagnose problems like damaged bones, tumors,…show more content…
These are special kind of x-rays that produce images of a body’s cross section. CT scans are commonly used procedures not only found in hospital x-ray departments, but also at outpatient offices. CT scans take “photos of segments of the body, in which doctors can directly see the area of interest. These scans allow sight of the inside of the body, which is mostly used to check the brain, cervix, vertebrae, chest, abdominopelvic area, and sinuses. People usually turn to getting a CT scan done when they want to further look into any abnormality they may have seen on either an x-ray or ultrasound. This scan also has the ability to look for certain symptoms like pain or dizziness. Most cancer patients may get a CT scan to check the spread of their disease. CT scan have their own pros and cons. CT scans were a windfall to the medicine since it allows doctors to see sicknesses that back then they could only be found by performing surgery or an autopsy. It also provides views of the body not available by regular x-rays. And it’s reputation states that is non-invasive and very well tolerated by patients as it provides highly detailed view at many of the body…show more content…
It is a computed tomography system developed to provide accurate visualization and calculation of the heart, lungs and blood circulation. It also displays full anatomic range of internal and external surfaces of the heart during the successive heart cycles, that will allow sight of the 3D vascular anatomy and circulatory capacity of all the cardiovascular and circulatory abily of the patients, DSR scans have massively helped with the study on renal function, Its benefits are reduced invasion, reduced rate of false negative results, increased accuracy of the calculation of the structure and function, consequently the disadvantage is that it’s

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