Personal Essay: Why I Don T Love My School

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I admit that I don’t love my school so much, but at the same time I think that the way we talk does not come from hatred toward the school; I realized one day that it was because we like our school. The reason I thought like this is I found myself relating stuff to Linsly most of the time. I gave a thought about what Linsly mean does to me. It is more than the school. It is actually my house where I sleep, eat, study, and play. I guess now Linsly takes really big part in my life. There are few things that I don’t like about Linsly. I hate when I had to walk up to the school when the road is full of caterpillar in spring. I don’t like to go to the cafeteria at 10:30 for brunch in weekends. I don’t like food there. But I also found good things. School makes an effort to improve food especially for international students. School offers trip to the grocery market which takes 10 minutes to go there on feet. I appreciate it. Linsly is small school. So teachers know students very well. Also the dorm duties are really like a family to me. When I came to USA, I had a hard time just like other international students. I used to cry and my duty saw me and came to solace me. I…show more content…
It reminds me of running in the rain for my friends’ brother’s summer homework, hiking the mountain that was at the back of my elementary school, going to the field trip with friends, and so on. After the rain stops it reminds me of the rainy season in SA, the humid science lab in my elementary school, the scent of my brother room from my old apartment when I was young, and a walk at the dawn. I can’t explain where I smelled that scent exactly or what does it smells like. But I am sure it is the very scent that recalls all those memories. Whenever I smell that scent, I become really happy and relieved. It feels like all the tiredness and worries are carried away by that scent for that

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