The Pros And Cons Of Migration

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Immigration, it has been the defining characteristic of many countries as it helped to create a diversified environment. Throughout history persons have decided to relocate for a variety of reasons which has undoubtedly molded our now reality. There are quite a number of pull and push factors that contribute to people movement. According to James M. Rubenstein (2014) “Pull factors induces people to move out of their present location whereas a pull factor induces persons to move into a new location.” When these factors are taken into consideration we are able to dwell specifically on the reasons persons choose to make this lifetime decision. Migration studies would examine patterns migrants would take in an effort to understand which of these factors stimulated their movement. Countries would experience both benefits and costs as a result of immigration as citizens would require or contribute additional resources upon relocating. Most persons migrate as a result of three main objectives which include: economic opportunity, cultural freedom, environmental comfort and not to mention…show more content…
Through immigration, persons were able to come together to have a sharp influence on culture and race. Immigration has impacted culture incredibly as it has contributed to music, dance, customs, religion and education. A melting pot which has ingredients from all countries in the world has created a dynamic society bringing unity amongst people. The various push and pull factors has resulted in movement among people from different countries. Once we are able to capitalize on the skills migrates have or perhaps to even encourage them to be productive citizens to their newly found home, immigration can be very productive as the United States has proven. Being mindful of the heritage which each migrate brings will enrich culture and provide the fundamental building blocks for future
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