The Pros And Cons Of Brexit

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BREXIT Britain has in recent months been a delicate issue worldwide. The votes were counted to 51.9% voted to leave the EU and 49.1% voted against leaving the EU. The referendum resulted in Britain that would no longer be part of the EU or the customs union. It is the countries England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which now form their own independent laws and trade conditions. In this article, will the following issues be discussed; stay and leave arguments, pros and cons, soft or hard Brexit and lastly the economic effect of the Brexit. Claes Grube, No Offence, Oxford University, March 12, 2017 We will in the coming years get acquainted with duty-paid goods and no longer free trade between us and the other members of the EU. Britain will probably include new co-operations with their major trading countries and thus they may not suffer from the exit of the EU. It is important to emphasize that Brexit will not only mean negative growth among us. On the contrary, there are a lot of positive things about Brexit.…show more content…
Our own independence will beneficiate Britain. One of the biggest leave arguments are about immigration, because we and Britain can never control immigration until it leaves the EU, because freedom of movement gives the other EU citizens an automatic right to live in Britain. This will have a positive economic in-fluence, because it gives us an opportunity to control immigration and avoid unnecessary re-sources. On the other side would the opposite arguments be that leaving the EU will not solve the migration crises and it would give a bad reputation of Britain, because they withdraw themselves from helping other

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