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This report about one of successful multinational company that our group have been choose to do some research about it. Starbucks is known as coffee stores that founded in seattle in 1971 which is 46 years ago. 1 store in 1971 opened by 3 partners.In 1982,Howard Schultz joined then In 1983 trip to Italy after that 1984 test of coffee house. In USA 1987 17 stores, 1997 1412 stores, 2007 15011 stores and July 3 2011 17.017 stores in 50 countries. Beside that , coffee starbucks also sells hot and cold drinks which can be made to custom order, for an example the trademarked Frappuccino drinks with different flavours .Now days starbucks brand itself as a very hip and very modern coffee store. Not only that starbucks also the place that people…show more content…
Next finest coffee in the world, of its vision statement. Analysts and critics point out that coffee from Dunkin Donuts or Mac Donald may be better than Starbucks coffee in some aspects. Then, uncompromising principles means the ethical conduct and a warm culture. Starbucks maintains these principles, especially after Howard Schultz resumed his role as CEO in…show more content…
Starbucks stores are effectively positioned as a ‘third place’ away from home and work, means that people can spend time in a relaxed and comfortable environment with their friends or alone or now days students like to do their homework or assignment there. Customers are even welcome to get their work done in a Starbucks store. All company-owned stores in the US and most company-owned stores abroad offer free wi-fi. Starbucks also well known as, “Starbucks stores are meticulously designed to make customers stay longer, buy more, and return for another visit.” Other than that, even the price of Selling the coffees is expensive but then the quality is highest. Starbucks business strategy also can be classified as product differentiation. Accordingly, the coffee chain giant focuses on the quality of its products and customers pay premium prices for high quality. Furthermore, starbucks has maintained their popularity through time such as being flexible. Next, one of unique strategy of starbucks is, their engaging smart in joint venture with the right companies such as

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