The Pros And Cons Of Immigrants

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Our president has made himself clear that all 11 million immigrants in the United States are vulnerable to deportation at any time (Casselman and Bacon). With Trump wanting to get rid of so many immigrants, new economic conflicts rise and cannot be ignored. This is because immigrants bring bigger aspects to countries other than culture and racial variety: they play a big role in the economy. America’s economy needs immigrants because they help the workforce and they bring a variety of skills. Immigrants are an important part of America’s economy because they help the workforce immensely. They do this by improving the effectivity of our economy and make up a large amount of our workforce. Quentin says that for many years, baby boomers have made up a majority of the workforce, but they are…show more content…
Now, there is only two groups that are estimated to grow during the next couple of decades: immigrants and second-generation immigrants (Fottrell). If one of these groups were eliminated, there would not be enough people to replace the workforce, which could cause an economic crisis by ending businesses, lowering production rates, and enormous inflation. Businesses would desperately try and meet the demand for things even though the demand would far exceed the supply. Without immigrants filling the workforce, there is very little hope that would now lie in the hands of Gen Xers and Millennials. People should be fearful of the possible changes that could come with all of the talk about deporting immigrants and realize how big of a problem it could create. Not only are immigrants saving our workforce, but they help improve productivity of the workforce along with increasing the countries GDP. Economist Pia Orrenius states, “when immigrants enter the labor force, they increase the productive capacity of the economy and raise GDP. Their incomes rise, but so do those of natives. It’s a phenomenon dubbed the
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