The Pros And Cons Of Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal immigrants stand in a very difficult place when they arrive in a new country. They want a better life. They want a better economy. They want a safer place to live, and they want a better future for their families. Are the places they arrive the best America has to offer? The border towns are complex areas to arrive to and settle when the illegal immigrant brings their family in order to provide a better life for them. The lack of documentation is not the only barrier holding them back. The society that welcomes them deprives them too. Are illegal immigrants accomplishing the dream or are their jobs only helping them survive? Most illegal immigrants are paid the minimum wage and hold jobs with the least desirable conditions. Does the…show more content…
The reality that is faced is somewhat harsh. A family that immigrates is expectant of the basic need of education, but the lack of documents deprives many of the educational opportunities. The illegal immigrant is usually trapped within the idea that success means money, and that education won’t give fast money. Many illegal parents focus on working as the only way of life improvement, and forces their sons and daughters to strive for a good job rather than an education. The illegal immigrant faces a complex bifurcation between the desire of having access to a higher education and the fear of providing information that could somehow harm them or their families. “As many as one in five school children come from an immigrant home...” (Pew Hispanic Center, Melding Pot). “In all but 12 states, undocumented youth are de facto barred from higher education as they are unable to apply for federal financial aid” ('Leigh' Patel ). Illegal students may have the will and knowledge, but lack many opportunities to accomplish higher levels of education. They study until a certain age and have to stop their preparation because of their personal status or because their parents don’t have documents and are afraid of deportation. Many illegal students stop studying because they know what could happen, and they prefer to work and help their families. For example, an illegal student might have the will to study, but fears that by being undocumented he will be deprived of various privileges compared to legal

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