The Pros And Cons Of Immigrants

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This country has been created and form by hard working people who find themselves in the land of opportunity. For generations, millions of people have step on this land and have call it home. Ariza mentions that “The diversity that immigrants have brought, and continue to bring, is an asset to the American way of life” ( Ariza 4). Immigrants enrich this nation and because of them, this nation is like no other. However, they are faced with many difficulties as they arrive to this country. In the majority of time, immigrants have left everything behind to make it to this nation. Most of them risk everything such as living their home, family, culture and nation behind to seek better opportunities for their families. As soon as they step this soil, they work long hours to provide for their family and contribute to the growth of this nation. Despite all their efforts, goverment and systems in place have failed to enrich or or provide services such a great education so that these families develop different…show more content…
As Ariza states “ no federal law exist that mandate a specific type of program to serve the needs of ELLs” (Ariza 22) but they do provide funds to create support for them. However many of the programs that exist today, to accomplish this task, usually failed because it is not made to add to their education but to subtract what they already know. These programs are are often focused to eliminate the students’s language and only acquired English. Programs such as Transitional bilingual, ESL, ENL, Shelter English and ESOL support are used to those that used a subtractive method. In the majority of schools, these are the only programs they have in order to assist our students. What this programs have in common is that not of them were created to add to the students’ knowledge but to take away what they know in order to
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