Essay On Inequality In Education

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Schools, a place of educational enrichment meant to prepare you for real life skills and careers to lead a successful and fruitful existence. In the United States I do not believe such a system is in full effect. There is a large margin of education inequality in America. Underserved and underprivileged young people are left behind due to improper fundings. These issues lead to more problems than simply what they are addressing. This repeating cycle of violence and inequality only breeds more violence and inequality. When a nation doesn’t serve all, it serves no one, and it’s clear the United states is not serving its most important population of people: its students. This needs to change. The United States does have laws and regulations in effect for schooling, but these don’t do enough good for the…show more content…
Well statistically speaking the well educated are the more likely to vote, hold a stable job, and keep out of prisons. In other words they can participate more in the direction of the economy and government policies. Voter participation has been pinned as the key to tearing this wall on social issues down so we can walk into a direction where action can be made. We can also see in Plato’s Allegory of The Cave that those who hold more knowledge, reach a far greater understanding of the world than those who are kept in the dark. When given the opportunity to learn more, people understand more, and can make more educated decisions about the world around them. Statistically people with higher degrees lean more towards being liberal and progressive thinkers. Meaning a more educated America is for the change in the systems that foster inequality. Properly teaching people on the power of voting as well as how the government works can lead to a higher voter outcome, but properly educating all people in schools can lead to a greater and continuous social change that will be able to better address future systemic
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