Bundle Health Care Case Study

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From my understanding the biggest drawback in the current health care system is that it’s not a cohesive process. Everything with the current system is disjointed as the patients for a specific condition has to go to different diagnostic centers and go through different personnel which is a waste of time for the patients and a waste of resources for health providers. The other major drawback is that it’s not a patient friendly procedure. The current procedure favors the providers rather than the consumers. They are mere spectators in the decision making process of their own treatment. The other drawback is that patients have to pay separately for different steps of the treatment instead of paying for the procedure all at once which makes it easier for their insurance providers and also their employers. Bundled healthcare is a new approach in providing an efficient treatment procedure for a specific medical condition. It provides a generalized procedure in treating a medical condition which includes all the steps involved at a fixed price. It also acts as an…show more content…
The bundle healthcare plans are more of consumer driven instead of the service providers. From the information already present to them from the standardized procedures for a medical condition, the consumers will be able to make more informed choices. From the studies and surveys that have already been done, the results have been positive for the consumers where there is an increase in consumer satisfaction as well as reduced costs. This standardization will also help in improving the overall efficiency of the current existing procedures and make changes which will further help the cause of consumers. It also provides a clear picture for the insurance providers as they will be able to offer better products for consumers whereas the employers will be able to provide better health

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