The Pros And Cons Of Healthcare In Healthcare

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medical providers and private insurers and by implementing new payment methods that allows more efficient and a higher-quality care. Prior to ACA millions of Americans couldn’t afford their employers health insurance plans. Employees are now healthier and more productive. The CBO has estimated that ACA will reduce deficit by $109 million during the years 2013-2022. Lower deficits due to the ACA will increase the national savings, which will reduce foreign borrowing national income and increase living standards.(Positive argument) Due to ACA’s ban on discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions; all Americans now have access to health insurance. Americans now no longer worry as to whether if they leave their jobs they will be insurable at the next job. It also allows people to take careers risks such as going part-time in order to go back to school, leaving a job in order to start a business, or moving to a better job. Policy Opposition The ACA isn’t the…show more content…
They know what costs they have encountered over the years which types of healthcare are needed for them. The federal government can’t micro manage all of the United States healthcare programs. They need to provide the funding to those programs identified. Some of the services provided by the state and federal government are duplicates. The insuring of those with pre-existing illnesses is a major problem. Those with on-going healthcare issues cost insurance companies a lot of money over the years. They have to provide medical care for them with lots of specialists. A lot of companies don’t want to accept new clients with prior healthcare issues because it will increase their expenses. There might need to be insurance agencies identified that are for those with pre-existing health issues. Their premiums should be comparable to companies that insure cancer
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