The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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Global Warming has been a political and global issue since hairspray was invented in 1948. More recently society has even begun to look for habitable planets in case Earth becomes uninhabitable because of the irreversible damage done. This harmful global phenomenon caused by pollution and the rapid use of fossil fuels and other natural resources has been lowering the amount of ice, resulting in higher sea levels and loss of habitat for polar bears and walruses. In the near future, the climate change that global warming will intensify an untamable dilemma that will show itself in extreme weather, the changes in animal migration patterns, and the rapid spread of illnesses. As to my own part, I have examined the proposals of other simpletons and…show more content…
The oversimplified solutions of recycling more, avoiding non-organic and raw materials like plastic, testifying against deforestation, and forgo the burning of crude oil, will not be put into place rapidly enough to combat the already rapidly growing effects of global warming. I have calculated that in the next three years, Canadians will be swimming an eternal summer, and Florida residents will be bundled up with scarfs and hats. I propose that rather than gradually excercrete the industrial discharge of deadly chemicals into the atmosphere, we should get rid of it altogether in a process that is ecologically, politically, and socially helpful. I have thought up a proposal to this relentless issue. I can potentially save the world. Since I found a inexpensive and easily accomplished method of saving our dearest planet earth I will be waiting for

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