The Pros And Cons Of Hydroelectric Energy

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Hydroelectric energy is one of the well-known renewable energy in this world. People build huge dams in order to generate energy through hydroelectric energy. A quite similar system was widely used back then by early cultures like Greeks, Imperial Rome and China (National Hydropower Association, n.d.). They used water wheels that were powered by water to do daily activities like pulverizing the wheat. Water turbine was first invented by a French inventor called Benoît Fourneyron in 1827 (“Benoît Fourneyron | French Inventor,” n.d.). In 1849, the first contemporary water turbine was developed by a British-American engineer, James Francis. He called it the ‘Francis turbine’ (International Hydropower Association n.d.). It was then developed…show more content…
Hydroelectric energy doesn’t produce carbon footprints at all (Clean Hydro, n.d.). Carbon emission usually occurs when people try to generate energy by burning fossil fuels (Douglas, Bohlke, Huntley, Rogers, & Maclntyre, 2015, p.99). Power plants that burn fossil fuels, such as coal and natural gas, often produce a great amount of carbon footprints. The consequence of it would be global warming, and it will lead to the rise of sea levels due to the melting of ice from the Arctic. Over 95% of the transportation in the United States still uses fossil fuels to generate electricity for their vehicles ("Fossil Fuels - IER", 2016). Using hydroelectric energy doesn’t pollute the environments as hydroelectric power plants don’t release pollutants into air and water (“10 reasons for promoting the hydroelectricity,” n.d.). Both humans and animals are safe to use or consume the water that flows from the hydroelectric power plants as it’s clean and has no toxic chemicals in it. Using hydroelectric energy is generally a better and cleaner option compared to other energies. Hydroelectric energy is environmental friendly and does not cause types of pollutions to the Mother Nature. Hence, all living things are not threaten by this type of

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