Personal Narrative: My Life After High School

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After the anger had left my system a few long weeks later, I had to decide on my future high school for my Junior and Senior years. Kirkwood was my top option, I wanted to go there so bad. My grandma had just moved to Kirkwood district so I figured I could use her address and just drive 15 minutes to school everyday. We had set up an appointment to go enroll and schedule my classes at Kirkwood. Halfway through the enrollment process the lady asked “Now can i see your proof of residency at this address?” I of course didn’t live there or have fake proof. Well high school enrollment attempt Part 1: Failure. Then I looked at Maplewood, I have lived in the Maplewood district my whole life, my brother started to go to school there in his fifth grade year. I didn't want to go to Maplewood, I knew people that went there and I didn't want to hangout or act like them. So I just skipped onto my next option, Hillsboro. My parents are divorced and about 9 years ago my dad moved to a little house all the way out in Hillsboro, he's been trying to get me to move in with him ever since. I looked at the pros and cons of living with my dad and attending school 45 minutes away from my mom, my friends and boyfriend. I couldn't do it.…show more content…
Towards the end “Summer 2k15” I had been enrolled, signed up and put into classes at MRH. It was my first year of public high school, I felt like a freshmen all over again. The first day of school came in early August. After I threw together an outfit I got in my car and drove to the school. Then I drove the 1 minute drive down Manchester, I realized I would have to be chaperoned around because I had no idea where to go. I walked in and I was overwhelmed at the amount of people. I saw all new faces, some familiar faces. But all seemed to have a warm welcoming demeanor, which was

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