The Pros And Cons Of College Cost In College

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College cost involves many key factors such as general loans and aid programs such as Stafford loans. Most students try to imitate how their parents went through college with the details of amounts it cost and general ideas of college but for the students that didn’t have any immediate family attend college it becomes much more trickier. So when my parents were going to college they both needed student loans tremendously so they needed low interest but didn’t get that so they had a lot of debt for close to 20 years. When students attend college it becomes clear that they are going to be in debt but there are programs to prevent debt from becoming to serious and not have to be in debt to go to school. So college will help your future and your…show more content…
With College Cost at an all time high this deters many of High School students from attending a great university. So with there being racism still after so many years it provides a key factor for people attending “In 2000 only 22 percent of Hispanics were enrolled compared to 39 percent African American, and 59 percent White and 2 percent others” (Padron 1). Because of the wage gap it creates a sense of their culture not being looked at as equal and not college bound. The wage gap affects almost every minority and keeps them out of college for so many because of their race not being looked at equally. With this comes another problem with the college system like the wage gap. In some instances money really is a problem “The most threatening marker of money is however the most influential 23% of Hispanics live in poverty according to the U.S. Census” (Padron 1). Minorities not getting equal pay creates this separation between cultures. It creates people not being able to do what they want to go to school for. These facts are saddening but true and we need to change this situation but it starts with

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