Blind Spot Detection Research Paper

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CHAPTER 4 Blind Spot Detection System 4.1 Introduction Driving a vehicle in traffic conditions is very risky. The major risk could occur if the driver watches the oncoming road hazards and at the same time looking backwards. It is important for the driver to look on both sideways and backwards, before he/she safely changes the lanes. A problem that often occurs by the driver is the blind spot areas. Blind spot are the areas around a vehicle where the driver cannot detect an object by their mirrors and must turn their heads from the road to look objects. These areas are usually over the right and left shoulders of the driver and are out of range of the side view and rear view mirrors. [3] Blind spot detection system is a device that monitors…show more content…
In which, four of them are the sensors and fifth one is the microcontroller that can be seen in the Figure 4.3.1. The nodes are connected in the sequel that can be attached to the car body. The microcontroller is important to combine the operation of the all nodes and to processes the data, which comes from nodes. Then it will give alerts to the driver. The sensors cover the both side of vehicle front corners. When the driver neglects the blind spot areas, the two front corners are found to produce the highest accident rates. As the Figure 4.3.1 represents the correlation among the system components. All five modules are arranged around the same processing unit of a microcontroller and radio transceiver. The four sensors are consist of ultrasonic sensors at the same time the microcontroller connected to three types of indicators such as LED panel, buzzer, and vibrators mounted on the steering wheel.…show more content…
Here the System consisting of 3 units: • Input unit [6] • Processing unit and [6] • Output unit [6] The input unit includes the image capture unit and vehicle signals. The processing unit comprises of image processing unit and microprocessor, digital signal processor was used for image processing unit. The output unit comprises the display unit and alert unit. [6] The Input unit will handle receiving image data from CCD or CMOS cameras as well as steering wheel and speed sensor data from vehicles CAN network. Input signals are processed by the processing unit. [6] Resulting flow of information through the processing unit includes the following steps can be illustrated by Figure 4.3.3 [6] • Images will be continuously captured from the CMOS/CCD camera and also cameras are used to define the detected regions. [6] • And then based on the Image entropy estimation it converts the 2-D image in to 1-D distance axis signal information. [6] • The differential value at single time point and at least two adjacent time point of the 1-D signal axis information can be calculated.

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