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Attention all public vapers. People who vape in public need to stop in order to improve society and make everyone more comfortable. If you vape in public then you should stop for multiple reasons that can all be argued, but there’s a counter for every argument. Some people don’t like walking down the street and seeing someone vaping right in front of them. If you are a public vaper, you need to stop vaping in public and save it for later. This is a topic most people aren’t ardent on, but they should be. First of all, secondhand smoke is a problem. Vaping in public is an absurd thing to see when you’re walking down the street. When you vape, you are giving off smoke into the air that has chemicals and now everyone else are breathing that in. Harvard Health says, John Ross, MD said, “Cigarettes are the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S., killing about 480,000 per year,” (Ross, John) and vapes are just as bad with putting…show more content…
Less smoke would be let into the air around a bunch of people and they will not be breathing it in. Another one would be that you might give off a better first impression. You could see your future employer out in public, so you do not want them seeing you vape. Next, there is less air pollution. Your vape ‘cloud’ will not be getting into the air and adding to our air pollution. In conclusion, people who vape in public need to stop doing that where anyone can see them. You might think it’s okay, but strangers might not get a good first impression of you walking down the street vaping, depending on where you are. Also, when you vape, secondhand smoke and all the chemicals that get released into the air are being breathed in by multiple different people and they can get sick just as bad as you would. As they always say, secondhand smoke is just as bad as first hand smoke. If you save it for later, you’ll have a better impression on those around

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