Total Quality Management In India

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Total quality management is a system. The whole system approach is for long term success that views continuous improvement in all phases of an organization process with long term and short term goal. It aims to drastically transform the organization through forward looking changes in the structure, system, attitudes and practices. Total quality management innovates quality approaches, involves everyone in the organization in its every function of administration, communication, distribution, manufacturing, marketing, planning, training etc. The Multi National Corporation’s product and service is higher compare to any other corporate companies with. Upgraded quality of the product and service to the MNC’s through TQM concepts and tools. Supply…show more content…
The developed country industries have joint venture with Indian industries in various fields. The ecological balance, human development, quality life and life span of living things are high in developed countries. The fast development is the basic need of the developing society. The purpose of the paper is to highlight MNC’s business activities in India by using TQM concepts and tools. The chief reason of the paper varies MNC’s impact on Indian industries and the society. The MNC’s actual business activities in India in the field of QM philosophy and tools for organizational long term leadership support, customer focusing in internal and external, effective workforce involvement and utilization, information on technology access, business and process continuous improvement, supplier’s partnership, establish process performance measures. It brings out how TQM works in MNCs in…show more content…
The products create new and different methods by the MNC’s employees; assess overall results of quality cost, timelines of deliveries, ensuring trust and satisfaction through service for consumers, by the training of international corporate leaders. The MNC’s people, process and industry development, maximize network quality and performance to focus on the customer, in their service field and state of the art technology and the high quality solutions to the customers fully functional in ‘e’ commerce shopping. The MNC’s right price, on time delivery, flexible, scalable technology service meet the dynamic needs of the business, outstanding production cost, quality, dedicated business process, sophisticated and secure out sourcing service to online

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