The Pros And Cons Of Citizens Free College

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Should the government give citizens free college? A lot of people think that the government should give everyone free college. Granted, some think otherwise, I on the other hand agree that we should have free college. But of course I think we should have some stipulations on how free it is. The government should make college free to all citizens because college would then be more equal financially for everyone, there would be an increase in better educated voters, as well as some changes in the poverty levels. First of all college being free would mean that college would be more accessible financially for everyone. When I say financially equal, of course you would think free college is just that, free, but it won’t be completely free. Even…show more content…
The more people that go through with the free college program, the more that would be educated which would mean a larger population of educated voters across the country. There would be a decline in what I would call “blind” voters, the voters that just go in the booth and check the box for either democrat or republican, selecting all members for those said parties no matter the candidate, as they have always have done. These new, more educated voters would select the persons they found to be more suitable for the job, instead of whomever was on their party’s side when it came time to vote. The voters would be more aware of the person they are putting in office. The more educated the voter, the more active they are in the way they decide who to vote for. Politicians would then be under a bigger magnifying glass. This new generation of voters would call for more honest politicians that would be less likely to flip flop their policies, and should tend to be more transparent to the country about their policies and goals for their terms. Politicians would then have to keep their campaigns on one track, with one right view of their stance on topics and policies, resulting in fewer politicians getting in office and not living up to their…show more content…
There seems to be to me that there are two ways this can be viewed. One way is that more people being able to attend college would result in more graduates, and possibly a shortage of jobs for those with degrees. In Chris Lewis and Layla Zaidane’s “Here’s Your Crisis: Student Loan Debt Isn’t a Myth” they say that “53% of recent graduates are unemployed or not using their degree” (587), and they also said that “there will be more people with degrees than jobs that require degrees in ten years” (587). Based off this there is evidence that the percentage of people with degrees is already high compared to the jobs available to them. Having more graduates ready to take on the world could cause the percentage that are unemployed or working outside of their field to increase, if this happens then there could be a possible change in the poverty level, the good news about free college with this view is that at least the ones who was able to keep their grades up possibly don’t have to pay any student loans back on top of their regular bills. The other side of this argument is the one that I side with more of the two, is that more people being educated could result in more companies. Which of all the people that would take advantage of the free college program, there would be more people with business degrees. These people would have already ideas of a business they would want to create and run. With the

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