Adderall's Argumentative Essay

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There are individuals that believe that Adderall is a form of cheating. They think Adderall gives students that use the drug an unfair advantage over students that do not use the drug. Other opponents of the drug say that people are irresponsible and government legalization of over the counter usage will lead to drug abuse. Studies arguing against improper drug use say that the pharmaceutical industry sells the drug under false pretenses to non symptom-showing patients, leading to “abuse of the drug and to compulsive use and addiction in vulnerable people (Volkow & Swanson, 2008)” (Veljko). Although Adderall has its potential dangers, with user education, the benefits outweigh the risks. America’s forefathers built this country for the purpose of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.…show more content…
Everyone should be able to make their own decisions that affect their life, as long as they do not endanger the lives of others. Although Adderall has its side effects, so do many other potentially harmful over the counter drugs, such as Tylenol and Aspirin. While it is important to protect the health of this country’s citizens, “addiction is primarily imprudent pleasure seeking and… addicts are not incompetent and need not be harming anyone else. Consequently, they should be free to harm themselves, and the state should not interfere with their freedom” (Flaskerud). Addiction to Adderall should not be illegal, ultimately, as with alcohol and other stimulants, it is the individual’s decision to determine their level of engagement. There are many harmful, yet legal, drugs sold in pharmacies across the country to customers without a prescription. However, these drugs can still be abused and addictive. Adderall should be legal because individuals should have the freedom to choose, taking advantage of the benefits and living with the potential

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