The Pros And Cons Of A Window

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This is a window that protects the eyes from harsh lights of a passing car or the beaming rays of the sun. So this is the thing for people. It is not tented windows, because by law tented windows can only be 6 inches down. That really doesn’t help people that are not as tall as the average person there is something that is better for people of all heights, it is the next big thing it is called Windshield Vision it has the same material as sunglasses which helps make seeing the road a whole lot better. Despite the advancements in technology for vehicle safety, bright sunlight may create visual problems that lead to driver problem including distance judgment. The crashes were increased when driving in the bright sunlight and bright headlights. This windshield is made out of special material that will enhance vision and dim lights, it wont hurt your eyes when the cars pass by and it will help with a lot of crashes that has been going on. When the first automobile fatality occurred in London in 1896 because of that situation. The car companies are focusing on the wrong things. Why? Because the car companies do not see them as a problem. This all goes back to the 6 inches of tent on the windshield .The car companies think that those 6 inches are enough but really its not. There was a test done on…show more content…
The windshield will keep itself protected and will keep you and you’re family protected at all times while you are on the road. So the windshield is an all-purpose windshield that protects from all things. So there is no problems with safety and it is vision friendly for everyone so with my engineering skills I can get this done. This is a great thing to invest in because I feel like it will work out well and will work out good for all situations. The window wont be to thick and it wont be to dark it will look like a normal windshield you wont be able to tell the

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