Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point

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The Tipping Point is an essential read for all marketing enthusiasts which is why it has gained a cult status in the marketing world and is referred to as the black book of 21st Century Marketing. The reason for this is that Malcolm Gladwell explains the crucial factor about how companies or ideas become a hit in the market, and what marketers should do and not do to ensure their idea or business gains immense popularity. The author has organized the facts under three main heads namely- Law of the few, Stickiness Factor and Power of Context which makes it easier for readers to clearly understand the concepts. Relevant Sales related concepts: The book highlights various useful marketing concepts and about sales in particular. Throughout the book the author tries to analyze the magical process by which some products or ideas tip off or reach the pinnacle of success all of a sudden. The author highlights how ideas or products…show more content…
Power of context- This is the third major concept highlighted in the book which talks about how humans are most influenced by their environment. This means that how a person reacts to something is mostly based on the circumstances around him/her. Malcolm Gladwell talks about the Broken Windows theory which states that if people see a broken window in a gloomy locality they assume it is meant to be like that because of the kind of locality. The author then goes to talk about how crimes were at a peak in New York City at one point and then all of a sudden it fell drastically. This was achieved by just making slight changes to the setting of subway stations where crimes were at a peak and then all of a sudden people changed their attitudes and started behaving in a more civilised manner. This clearly shows that the environment can to a large extent influence people’s attitude and behaviour which gives marketers an important take home message that they need to target contexts before they target consumers to achieve maximum positive

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