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The class novel we have read for this unit, The Outsiders has many relationships. The majority of the relationships in the novel are friendships and partnerships. The Outsiders takes place in a town where there is a divide between two groups, the Greasers whom are located in the poor East Side and the Socs on the richer West Side. The Greasers and Socs have a rivalry that lasted for many years and gets much worse as the novel progresses. The rivalry is somewhat related to a modern day gang rivalry, but not as violent as today’s rivalries. Ponyboy and Johnny are probably the most important characters throughout the novel. They also had a great impact on the plot of the novel and are probably the only characters that have an important relationship. Ponyboy considers Johnny as his best friend and has helped him through when he had issues with his parents and when he had a fight with a few Socs. The relationship between the two is friendship and partnership. In chapter 4, it proved the strength of the relationship between the two. When Ponyboy was getting attacked by the Socs, Johnny took out his knife and murdered one of the Socs whose name was Bob. Due to the murder, both Johnny and…show more content…
Sodapop is the guardian of Ponyboy and makes sure he does his school assignments and looks after him whenever something happens. Sodapop gained responsibility of Ponyboy when both their mother and father died in a car accident. In chapter 1, it shows the importance and relevance of the relationship in the novel. In chapter 1, Ponyboy says that he is able to hang out with the Greasers because of Ponyboy’s relationship with Sodapop. If Ponyboy was never related to Sodapop, he would’ve had no relevance in the Greasers, better yet, he would probably wouldn’t be part of the Greasers at all. The relationship between the two is a close family relationship and friendship and starts to gain strength as the novel

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