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Ponyboy is a teen who belongs to a gang called The Greaser's. The Greaser were a boys who were more like family to each other, they were poor and had long greasy like hair, But they were always there for each other. There were three brothers from that gang, they were Darry, Sodapop, and Ponyboy. Darry was the oldest of the three, he took care of Sodapop and Ponyboy. Then there were the Socs , Short for Socials. They were the westside rich kids, who dressed nice, and constantly pick on the Greaser's. They would threaten them, and when they would catch one of the Greaser's by their selves they would make a circle around them, and beat them to the ground. Ponyboy attitude towards the Socs were held the same as the rest of the Greaser's.…show more content…
Ponyboy was always on the lookout for the socs to ensure he doesn’t get jump. His hatred of the socs were because he continuously gets physically abused by them. Also, when Johnny kills one of the socs, Pony begins to realize that the socs are just as vulnerable as the greasers are and that they are people just like the greasers. Ponyboy's opinion changes about the Socs throughout the story. It starts out with him thinking in the beginning that all Socs were cruel rich kids who liked to pick on greasers for the fun of it, partly from experience, partly because that was what was expected of him. After the fire and the rescue, Ponyboy's talk with Randy really opened up what Socs were truly like. Through talking with Randy, Ponyboy discovered that the Socs were really not bad guys, and they're just people. Everybody is their own person, and should not necessarily be classified as the same just by their group or social standing. The main difference is just the money and the title "Soc" that separates Socs and greasers; it always just had been that way and that is how it apparently will be

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