The Outsiders Book Report

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I really enjoyed your book “The Outsiders”. You described everything very well, and the detail was exquisite. I really liked the parts where you were explaining something from another timeline, like when Johnny was beat up, and the story about SodaPop and Mickey Mouse. I feel as though it brought another level to the story. I also really liked the part when you were describing all of the characters because it gives them depth and lets us into how they each live their live. Although, if I had to choose my favorite part, it would definitely have to be the ending, how you made Ponyboy start writing his theme as if it was the beginning of “The Outsiders”, because I feel it lets us imagine more because it helps us believe that the story is real,…show more content…
SodaPop always talked about getting married and having Ponyboy come with him, but that was when he thought he was in love with Sandy, so did they all just stay together? Following that note, did Darry ever get to go for his dreams? I mean SodaPop and Ponyboy have to had moved on at one point, and even if they did stay together, would it have been too late for him to retrieve what was always just out of his grasp, like going to college? And what about the others in the gang? Did Two-Bit ever graduate high school and get working productive career, or did he stay in his childhood for all of his life, not quite moving on? Steve was never quite close with Ponyboy, but he was still an important character. What happened to him? Don’t get me started on the characters not in the gang. Did Randy ever get out of his slump? I get that he was Social and all, but I couldn’t help but pity him, because he didn’t strike me as the kind of guy who enjoyed the unfortunes of the Greasers, and he didn’t exactly approve of all of the jumpings. I am very curious about all of these characters, but the main character I would like to learn about is Cherry. Cherry was fierce, and disapproved of all of the fighting and the conflict. She befriended the Greasers, learning how tough their lives were, and was like a spy for them during the rumble. But I could tell that she really wanted everyone to mold together into one
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