St. Lucy Home For Girls Raised By Wolf Summary

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St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves by Karen Russell, is a story about three wolf girls sent off to a school to learn how to act like human girls. The story mainly focuses on Claudette, the main character. In each stage it shows how Claudette is developing into a human girl, but there are still some old habits she has. As the stages progress Claudette is developing into a human girl . In stage one, Claudette was developing to human society. Some examples that show that are, '' The decan handed out some stale cupcakes ''(Russell.237), which meant they are wearing human clothes. Then there is also a part of her that she has not adapted to human society yet, some examples that show that are , '' We supplemented these holes by digging some of our new interred sticks, our new itchy jumpers, bones of a unfortunate squirrel''(Russell.238), it showed that Claudette hasn't develop into the human girl, because human girls do not go around digging holes a putting animal bones, their clothes, and interred sticks . So in stage one she has not become a human girl. The second stage showed, Claudette developing into human society a little more. Example's that show that are, she is learning to walk on her two feet and she was wearing shoes, she also has a saying which…show more content…
She also rubbed a muffin all over her body so she does not smell like her old wolf sent. When the nun said it was time to do the dance she freezes and could not move, ''i was a terrified animal''(Russell.249). She could not do anything she went back to her wolf instincts and just starting pumping. After that she asked Jeanette to help, but she would not, then Mirabella saw her and went to jump on her. Then and there Claudette wanted to kiss Mirabella, nut she knew the nuns where watching she just pushed her away. So in this stage she almost adapted to human

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