Opposing Views Of The Enlightenment And Its Impact On Society

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Historically, the Enlightenment was one of the most innovative times periods to ever occur. Even today we witness different cases of how it’s impact has lasted through the years. We are constantly changing for the better, but no change has been as prominent or as impactful as the ones we saw during the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment heavily affected the power distribution in terms of government and the status quo, while affecting the entire outlook on the church. It suddenly became easier to climb through the ranks, or to receive a proper education. The people suddenly were allowed to elect rulers and determine the outcome of their own lives. There were many essential Enlightenment vocalists who stirred up the initial change. Most prominently, this list includes John Locke whose fight for justice seemingly never ended. Through his work, he was able to drastically change the systems of government. Locke disagreed with a single ruler giving out authority or riches as they pleased, which was normal pre-Enlightenment. He advocated strongly and eventually was able to convince everyone that his ways were morally just. People were given the opportunity to vote on their…show more content…
One of the main ideas behind the Enlightenment was that things should become more rational, and people should take a more rational approach in life. The bible stated quite the opposite. Churches wished for people to pray to a supernatural figure, and to believe in things that couldn't be proven. With these two contradicting views meant that one of them couldn’t stay. The views of the Enlightenment become widely practised and the church lost popularity. Day to day choices became based on rationality instead of “praying” that things would work out. Because the church lost popularity, secularism occurred. The church was unable to hand out power like before and they two majors forces split apart. They were no longer represented as

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