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The name of the book I would be discussing is “ The Outsiders” by S.E Hinton. The theme of the book is related to the title of the book. If you think about it you will discover that the outsiders could be used in multiple ways. Where a group of teens were under the control of another group of boys. The boys were called the Socs, a vicious gang of rich kids. The main character in the book was Ponyboy (Michael Curtis). Ponyboy is a character who parents were killed in a car accident which as a result cause him to live with his two older brothers. The book is told by Michael Curtis where he tells the reader his everyday struggles in right and wrong when dealing with his society. Something that could be interesting about the story for the reader to know is that the groups are not only divide but based on how they dressed but also the length of their hair. It also includes the amount of money whether you are rich or poor.The story takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the 1900’s, mainly between the years of 1960 and 1970.…show more content…
Johnny Cade was a sixteen-year-old greaser with parents who were alcoholic and abusive. Since, his parents were not a good example or important role in his life, Johnny Cade sees the greasers as his true family. The cause of Johnny death was that he put others before him. Johnny Cade decided to save some kids from a burning building. After, saving all the kids from the church he was only able to hold on for so long. Now that Johnny Cade was put to rest the greaser had given up hope. That was when they put everything to side and won the fight against the

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