Social Inequity In The United States

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There is one obvious problem that is on the rise, and that problem is social inequity. Social inequity is an immense international problem that has existed for as long as mankind has, and it needs much attention. It has affected teenagers everywhere, especially in the United States, but can be reduced and prevented by authors raising awareness through their books and certain genres of literature. First of all, teenagers all around the globe, specifically in the United States, are being affected by different social inequities, such as racism. On the other hand, authors have been highly influential in halting social inequity through their writing, and they will continue to be. Finally, the various genres of literature can be used effectively and efficiently as a tool to stop social inequity in its tracks. All in all, the huge problem of social inequity is on the rise around the world, but authors and literature can be used effectively to oppose this problem.…show more content…
First, racism has been around forever and will continue to grow, with certain races have taken the brunt of the action. Also, financial inequality is very common among various types, such as races, of people, and it will continue to plague them for years to come in terms of income. Lastly, bullying and gender inequalities have haunted this world for an extremely long time, sometimes even having extreme consequences, such as suicide. All in all, the various social inequalities in this world have done horrible things to certain people or races.First of all, racism is one of the most prominent social inequities in the world right
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