George Perkins Marsh's Commentary On The Relationship Between Man And Environment

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George Perkins Marsh’s (1864) historical effort to discuss the relationship between man and nature deserves a special reference in the study of world environmental movement. Rachel Carson’s (1965) Silent Spring seems to be the most popular text on ecology ever published in human history. It presented the negative impact of pesticides and insecticides on environment. Gorz, Andre (1980) presents the view that ecology constitutes an integral part of politics. Shiva Vandana (1988) has tried to look at the issues related to development and ecology from a feminist perspective. Her work (1991) on conflicts over natural resources seems to be highly relevant in the context of extraction industries. Right to water seems to be a major concern in her work (2006).…show more content…
Clark’s (2005) interpretations of bottle water industry present an analytical tool for the study of soft drinks industry in general. Prasad (1980) deserves a special mention in the study of environmental movements in Kerala, especially in the study of Silent Valley Movement. Chundamannil (1986) is unique for his valuable reference on the system of forest resource management in Kerala. Muraleedharan and Rugmini (1981) vindicate the problems faced by traditional workers in the bamboo-based industries in Kerala. Korakandy (2000) highlights the impact of globalization on the environment of Kerala. Pearson (2010) presents a criticism of the views of mainstream left on environment. John (2011) highlights the issues related to the use of Endosulfan in Kerala. Diwedi’s (2011) report on water conflicts in Kerala describes the environmental activism against river pollution in the

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