How Did Napoleon Consolidate His Power

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Louis Napoleon used the plebiscite to consolidate his power by restoring universal male suffarage and called a vote to make him heriditary emperor. He choose this tool so there wouldn’t be many protests about him becoming emperor and Napoleon knew many people would support him because the people thought that he would bring stability and peace to France. Napoleon III was much more effective in his domestic policies than his foreign policies. With domestic policies he encouraged new investment banks, credit unions, a huge railroad project, better housing for the working class, regulated pawnshops, and legalized work unions and right to strike. Unemployment declined greatly and profits of businesses soared because of all of Napoleon’s policies. On the other hand with foreign policies, Napoleon III wanted to base Europe on the idea of nationality as well as gain territory and influence for France. However, his supporters kept on criticizing his ideas because of the rise of…show more content…
More people felt loyal to the state because more people could vote as universal male suffrage became a rule rather than a rarity by 1914. They felt they had some say in the government. In addition, multiparty systems arose in many countries. This meant that majorities in parliament were based on shifting perceptions of different parties, which gave parties leverage to gain benefits for supporters. Bismarck continued to unify Germany after 1871 by winning popular support. First, he established a new protective tariff in 1879 that won new supporters in the Reichstag. He also made policies designed to win over the working class. He established a social security system with insurances and benefits for people. William II fired Bismarck because he wanted to renew a law banning the Social Democratic Party and William II wanted to rule on his

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