Iroquois Creation Research Paper

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“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). This verse proves to be quite familiar to the person of Christian faith. It is the story of the beginning of time; a story of how man and the earth came to be what we know of it today. Though we are fairly accustomed to this story, there are other stories of creation that exist outside of what we could consider normal. One such story is that of the Iroquois Creation. Both stories share certain similarities yet they are rather different. This essay will explore a few of the similarities and differences in both stories of how the universe and man came into existence. Every culture has a story to commemorate how the world around them came into existence. The Christian story begins with God and seven days surrounding the creation of the universe and man. In those seven days, God created day and night, the waters, dry land, creatures of the water and fowl of the land. All of these formations were created by…show more content…
The good mind, ENIGORIO, “was not contented to remain in a dark situation, and was anxious to create light in the dark world” (pg. 24). He then creates the sun from the head of his dead mother and used remnant of her body to form the moon and the stars, which would serve to “regulate the days, nights, seasons, years, etc.” (pg. 24). The good mind goes on to form “numerous creeks and rivers on the Great Island, and then created numerous species of animals of the smallest and the greatest, to inhabit the forests, and fishes of all kinds to inhabit the waters” (pg. 24). When he was done, he formed “two images of the dust of the ground in his own likeness, male and female, and by his breathing into their nostrils he gave them the living souls, and named them Ea-gwe-howe” (pg. 24). After which he arranged for the rain to “water the earth” (pg. 24) and the earth became fruitful and vegetation was provided for the animals to

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