Cleopatra Accomplishments

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Cleopatra VII was born around 69 B.C. Her father was King Ptolemy XII and not much is known about her mother but she is believed to be Cleopatra V Tryphaena, her father’s half-sister. What is known about Cleopatra’s life starts when she was eighteen. In 51 B.C. her father died and she inherited the throne at eighteen with her ten year old brother, Ptolemy XIII. It is most likely that they got married, which was traditional at this time. The next few years of their rule Egypt faced many problems such as famines and floods. Cleopatra and her brother, Ptolemy VIII, had some political issues and he forces her to leave. In Syria she assembled an army to take back the throne for herself. Then in 48 B.C. she came back with her army to defeat her brother.…show more content…
Being a powerful female ruler was a great accomplishment of that time because life, especially ruling, was dominated by men. She had many struggles such as having to win back the throne from her brother who she had fled from. Also she made Egypt and Rome more powerful. Cleopatra had a hard time doing this because the people of Rome did not like her. They thought she was an evil temptress and was a bad influence on Rome. Cleopatra’s goals were to be powerful and make Egypt flourish. I think she was successful because she helped Egypt get out of debt and become more powerful. Her other goals were to keep her dynasty going and keep her country independent. She was unsuccessful with keeping her dynasty going because she was the last pharaoh of Egypt. Though Cleopatra was successful with keeping her country independent because she made sure Rome was an ally not a part of…show more content…
She had to take back the throne from her brother. In order to do this she used Julius Caesar, a Roman military leader, to help her defeat her brother. Caesar conquered her brother with his army. Ptolemy drowned while trying to escape from the attack. Cleopatra regained her throne and ruled with her other brother Ptolemy XIV. In 46 B.C. she had a child named Ptolemy Ceasar, who was Julius Caesar's son. Then in 44 B.C. Caesar got assassinated by his rivals who thought he was becoming too powerful. Cleopatra then orders for Ptolemy XIV to be poisoned so her son can be co-ruler. Around 42 B.C she joined forces with Marc Antony, another Roman leader. She then has two more children, twins, Cleopatra and Alexander. Antony and Cleopatra get married even though this was illegal at the time. Doing this caused a battle to start with Octavian, Antony’s adopted son. She then has another child with Antony who is believed to have died from an illness as a child. Octavian declares war on Cleopatra and she makes a deal with him to kill Antony if he will protect her when he is dead. After making this deal she decides she can’t bring herself to kill or force Antony to leave so she tricks him into thinking she is dead and he kills himself. After Antony’s death it is believed that she had a snake smuggled into her room and commits suicide by letting the snake bight her. Another believed theory of her suicide was that she

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