Symbolism In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter

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Symbolism adds depth and meaning that's why it is used in literature so much, authors use symbolism to represent people, objects, or ideas. For example, Superman is well known for his S for his power, etc. In “The Scarlet Letter” The letter “A” the meaning of this symbol keeps evolving as you read the book. I chose the letter “A” because it’s the main symbol and it is important to the book. The meaning of the symbol in the beginning of the story is adultery. As the book progresses the meaning goes from bad to good. In the beginning of the book, Hester is obligated to wear the letter “A” on her bosom. She has to wear it because she gave birth to a child that is not her husband’s Chillingworth. Now everyone believes that she is sinnful just because of the letter “A”. Hester is brought to public and everyone sees her as she reveal the red letter. The town people were admiring her beauty but they were not paying attention to the letter, even though it means adultery.…show more content…
At the beginning it meant adultery but Hawthorne changes it and makes the Puritans think that it means able. The word able means having the power or intelligent, which is way better than adultery. Hester helped the sick, poor, and troubles then she gained respect and people seemed to look at her as a different person. In the book it states, “Such helpfulness was found in her-so-much power to do and to sympathize-that many people refused to interpret the scarlet “A” by it’s original signification. They said that it meant” (pg. 158). Even though she had that letter she was not down she tried to be pretend everything was all good. She had to do something so that the letter “A” could have a meaning that she could be proud
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