Social Networking: The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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Social association through mediums such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has become a significant component of lives of many individuals. The sites are utilized to interact with family as well as friends. They thus enhance long- distance relationships and sharing of unforgettable times from their day. It is hard to imagine the way the universe looked like when such communication means were absent. Prior to the establishment of websites for social networking, the number of ways people could remain in touch with each other was limited. People were forced to meet or call their families or friends in order to know their wellbeing. Even though this traditional communication was not as suitable as facebooking or twitting, individuals had to listen…show more content…
They are becoming adults in an environment where they do not understand the way the world is like without websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Whereas the earlier cohorts had the experience of communicating on telephone and getting-together for a chat, the current youth can evade that by a technological obstruction. The impact of this in some cases is a poor development of social abilities as they mature. Krystine Batcho in the recent article regarding possible repercussions of an increasing social media presence in the society puts across her worry that young people are not acquiring the in person communication abilities. The skills are required and their absence could be disadvantageous in case they need to interact with someone face- to- face (Graham). In person communication is a significant aptitude that the youth should develop as they mature for them to be successful in life. When the youngsters graduate from high school or join higher education institutions or enter the labor market, there will be a great emphasis on being capable to efficiently convey their messages verbally. Development of such communication skills during childhood will promote better transition into later life…show more content…
A previous research reveals that approximately 50% of individuals aged between 18 and 34 years old log in to Facebook as the first thing in the morning. About 28% do the same before they leave their beds (Marche). It is a detrimental addiction that is driven by the fact that social sites are readily available and accessible to all with an internet connection. Youngsters with low self- esteem or who do not fully understand themselves can apply their uncomplicated access to social networking sites to develop a fake image of who they are with an objective of compensating their lack of accomplishment in the actual world. However, this increases the person’s problems as their photographs on social media will not complement their deficiency of significant real life

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