Dying To Be Thin Analysis

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Eating disorders has always been an interesting topic for discussion. Gather information and learning the difficulties that people have dealing with it has given me valuable understanding of their struggles. In the video “Dying to be thin” it helps me understand the severity of the negative effects that this disorder could have on someone’s life. This information will cause me to examine my own beliefs and perceptions concerning eating disorders. The most interesting issue with eating disorders is the population that it population that suffers from it. The perception from the majority of women to be thin because society tells us that being thin is beautiful. I never knew that ballet dancers struggle with this expectation that they must be as…show more content…
There are limited studies on the issues with eating disorders and minority’s. After searching it was difficult to find substantial and creditable sources. I do believe that it occurs just not at a high rate. Society plays a factor in this occurrence and the view of what is beautiful between cultures. In African American cultural it is seen as beautiful for a woman to have weight in her particular areas of her body. In mainstream media the depiction of a thin woman is shown on billboards and commercials as the image to strive for. I believe that this play a part in the cultural differences and why different ethnicity group struggles with eating disorders than others. The information that I have learned does affect my view of the world. It allows me to understand that each disorder that I have learned about can be associated with different life events. Meaning I could find a struggle or understanding that relate my personal life to attempt to draw a comparison. This information has opened my eyes to the devastating impact that eating disorders are having on this country and world. I feel that it is my duty to learn as much as possible to lean about eating disorders. I didn’t realize how great of an impact that it has on society. My learning of the dynamics of eating disorders will only help me become a better therapist. This will allow be to reach a group of

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