Persuasive Essay On Prescription Drugs

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Marijuana is the world’s most commonly used illegal drug. Marijuana, an illegal substance, people will dispute that it should be legal because of the great impact it would do for the country. There are other substances out in the world that are far more dangerous and have more toxins in them than marijuana. Marijuana has helped people with multiple illnesses more ways than people know. Marijuana has many factors such as, having less toxins than other substances, health benefits, and if legalized, would help the economy. Multiple people die everyday from drug overdoses. Drug Abuse of prescription drugs, is riskier than some illegal drugs (“The Truth about Prescription Drugs”). Drugs are not the only substances that are dangerous, alcohol and…show more content…
Prescription drugs have helped many people, and marijuana does have more toxins than some prescription drugs.Like everything marijuana does have risks. It has been known for causing depression, increase in anxiety, increase in appetite and can cause schizophrenia. Sometimes can cause deformed sperm cell, as well as causing men to go temporarily sterile. Some people argue that pregnant women have also had it affect the unborn baby and cause many problems. Marijuana can be very addictive like many other substances. Marijuana can cause effects in the brain and with memory loss. People do smoke just to get high from and it can cause damage to them, also if mixed with another substance it can cause more damage.People will argue that marijuana causes lung issues due to the smoke and can cause certain cancers or put a person at higher risk for cancer, also some people will say that marijuana along with other drugs will make a person unable to make appropriate decisions and cause undue harm to themselves or others. Regular use of marijuana could possibly delay puberty for young men. “People who use marijuana often become susceptible to chest colds, bronchitis, emphysema and bronchial asthma and stubborn use will eventually cause damage to the lungs and airways, which would cause the risk of cancer” (Marijuana as

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